About Oceanarium

It so happened that in the Ukraine the word "oceanarium " is associated primarily with numerous dolphinarium appearing everywhere in every major and not cities. But what is the Š¾ceanarium, really? First of all, it is, of course, a museum with live exhibits - the inhabitants of the seas and oceans of the world. Just this is our Kiev oceanarium "MORSKAYA SKAZKA", which opens its hospitable doors in autumn 2012.

Immediately at the entrance visitors will encounter storm seas - the legendary pirate who on shaky bridge carries visitors in the first gallery of the exhibition - the inverted wooden ship. In the ports of the sunken ship the exposition cozy coral complex. Both hard and soft, colorful corals entire underwater forests grow in the 6-meter aquarium, located to the right of the guests. On the left a porthole - cold-water habitat with king crab and lobster.

In the " MORSKAYA SKAZKA" each visitor can not only enjoy the atmosphere of a magical environment of the underwater world, but also to witness the daily show with exclusive water inhabitants - "Show of feeding sharks" and "show with mermaids."