In Ukraine, the word "oceanarium" is associated primarily with dolphinariums, which a few years ago appeared massively in various cities of our country. But what is an aquarium really? First of all, it is a museum with living exhibits, inhabitants of the seas and oceans of the Earth. This is exactly what our oceanarium is, which opened its doors to guests in December 2012.

The aquarium has a living collection, which includes more than 2,600 individuals: fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, which belong to almost 170 animal species. On an area of ​​about 800 m² there are 50 aquariums, outdoor pools and an underwater tunnel with a total volume of 200,000 liters of water.

Immediately at the entrance, visitors are greeted by a thunderstorm of the seas - the legendary corsair, who leads guests to the first gallery of the exposition - an inverted wooden ship. An exposition of a 6-meter coral complex with its natural inhabitants: fish, starfish and sea urchins, sponges, etc. is comfortably placed in the windows of the sunken ship.


From the ship, guests enter the world of Amazonia, and the pearl of the "Sea Fairy Tale" - an outdoor pool with stingrays and cat sharks. And then - an underwater tunnel, which is located at a depth of 2 m under water! Only 8 cm thick acrylic glass separates the spectators from the fish. Being in the tunnel is absolutely safe and incredibly exciting - all the underwater life passes just before your eyes: majestic sea turtles and daring reef sharks are so close!

The exit from the tunnel is decorated in the style of Captain Nemo's submarine. Six unique aquarium biotopes with a variety of hydrobionts are waiting for you in the ship's windows. Flocks of brightly colored fish dart back and forth, shrimp wave their antennae, moray eels hide in caves, and triggerfish and kaboob seek adventure. Soft corals escort guests with undulating movements of their unusual bodies.

And here is the largest aquarium in front of you - a 17-ton house for the green sea turtle, Biss sea turtle and large platax, argus, groupers.

At the exit from the central hall you will find the "Nemo-Zone" - a dozen aquariums with different types of ocillaries (favorites of not only children, but also adults - clown fish), triggerfish, surgeonfish, etc..

But among our residents there are not only bright and funny fish. We also have dangerous puffer fish, urchin fish, lionfish, piranhas and many more. All of them are waiting for guests and ready to amaze your imagination.

In the "Sea Tale", every visitor can not only immerse himself in the atmosphere of the 
magical environment of the underwater world, but also witness the spectacular feeding
of sharks and sea turtles, koi carp and a caiman crocodile.

Only here your childhood dreams come true!


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