In the shopping center, "Detskiy mir" (metro Darnytsia) had open its doors a unique educational and entertainment complex - "Oceanarium MORSKAYA SKAZKA".

The main highlight of the extensive exposure of marine aquariums  an underwater tunnel, within which everyone can observe the life of the inhabitants of the deep sea and feel the emotion, previously available exclusively for divers.

The aquarium has a living collection of over 2,600 fish and aquatic invertebrates belonging to nearly 170 animal 
species. On an area of ​​about 800 m² there are 50 aquariums with a total volume of 200,000 liters.

The diversity of species is not limited to only the fish: the living museum of underwater depths will be widely presented and invertebrates - shrimp, jellyfish,  sea stars and sea urchins, and colorful "living stones" - the whole "community" based on aquatic symbiotic coral underwater systems.

For the first time all the people of Kiev and visitors can enjoy the spectacle of feeding marine life with it, and after all of the inhabitants of the aquarium will not only wise turtles and colorful clown fish, but a dangerous reef sharks, and the most venomous fish in the world - the dog-fish and fish -stone!

We are waiting for you in November in "Oceanarium Sea Tale"!

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