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We open from January 25!

We open from January 25!

Dear visitors!

Finally, we announce: the doors of Oceanarium "Morska kazka" will be open from January 25! We are very bored and will be waiting for a meeting with you every day (ATTENTION, on Monday we made a full time schedule here>)

We would also like to remind our guests that we must not forget about safety and follow the rules:

1. Do not forget to keep a distance of 1.5 m with other visitors.
2. We ask you to wear protective masks, as well as gloves if possible and use the installed sanitizers.

More about our security measures>

We hope for your understanding and ask you, dear visitors, in case of signs of respiratory diseases to refrain from visiting the Oceanarium, stay at home and see a doctor.

We hope for your understanding and look forward to our meeting at the aquarium!

Date: 22.01.2021
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